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Charlotte property liability attorneys are now available for a free consultation for anyone who has been injured on public or private property. Property liability is a relatively general term — these accidents can come in many forms.

When most people think about property liability cases, they immediately think of slip-and-fall accidents. As experienced Charlotte property liability lawyers, we have certainly worked with a long list of men and women who have been injured after slipping and falling on someone else’s property. However, this area of personal injury law is a lot more far reaching and can include such instances as:

  • Physical assaults: If a property does not have adequate security, and you fall victim to an assault as a result, our property liability attorneys in Charlotte NC can work to hold the property owner or manager responsible.
  • Exposure to harmful substances: From asbestos and lead paint to a variety of other harmful substances, property owners must keep their premises clear of these potentially damaging materials.
  • Injuries in swimming pools: Our Charlotte property liability attorneys work with victims that have been injured in private or public pools, if the injuries stem from disrepairs or hazards that could have been avoided.
  • Falls: This commonly comes in the form of individuals falling down a flight of stairs because of inadequate safety measures. Our Charlotte property liability lawyers investigate each incident to scrutinize whether negligence was a factor.

You deserve to be safe when you are on public or private property. If property owners or managers show a disregard for your safety, our property liability lawyers in Charlotte NC will step in to advocate for you.

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