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Consult with skilled, dedicated Seattle property liability attorneys if you have been injured on private or public property.

You have the right to be kept safe when you are on someone else’s property — when property owners or managers willfully put your health and well-being in danger, you may be entitled to compensation.


About our Seattle property liability lawyers

We have a network of property liability attorneys in Seattle WA that are trained and experienced in working in this corner of personal injury law. These are men and women that specialize in investigating property liability accidents to determine:

  • What, if any, type of hazard caused your accident
  • Who owns and manages the property
  • Whether or not the owner knew, or should have known, about the hazard
  • Did the property owner do enough to address the hazard
  • And more

These are all important questions in a property liability case. They help to frame what caused your accident and who should be held legally responsible.


Seattle property liability attorneys to help you recover compensation

Our Seattle property liability lawyers work hard to recover compensation from property owners, managers and their insurance companies if they are to blame for your accident and subsequent injuries.

Compensation is important in the aftermath of such accidents. You might be left with steep medical bills or laid up and unable to work and earn an income. Our property liability lawyers in Seattle WA will measure the full physical and emotional impact of the accident pursue appropriate compensation.

Our Seattle property liability attorneys are ready to hear from you. Start by filling out our online form with information about yourself and your accident. We will use this information to complete a free, no-obligation consultation that will help you learn about your legal options.

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