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Poorly maintained public or private property can lead to an injurious accident, and when it does, make sure you talk to San Diego property liability attorneys to know your rights.

Property owners and managers are obligated under law to maintain a safe and secure premises. When they fail to do that, they put the health and well being of people in jeopardy. Our San Diego property liability lawyers specialize in working with men and women that have suffered a myriad of injuries on private and public property. These include:

  • Slip-and-falls due to wet or slick surfaces
  • Tripping and falling on sidewalks or walkways
  • Falls down flights of stairs
  • Exposure to dangerous substances (i.e. lead paint, asbestos, etc.)
  • Poor security leading to an assault

As you can see from each and every one of these scenarios, these can be avoided had the property owner or manager took measures to ensure their premises was safe. Our property liability attorneys in San Diego CA are skilled at proving negligence and working to secure a fair level of compensation for clients.


Our San Diego property liability attorneys will make sure you get the compensation you need

The injuries sustained from these types of accidents can have a profound impact on your life. From doctor visits and skyrocketing medical bills to being sidelined from a job, our San Diego property liability lawyers will calculate fair compensation and make sure you get it.

Don’t try to take on a property owner or their insurance company on your own. With property liability lawyers in San Diego CA in your corner, you can make sure that they won’t try to limit your payouts all to protect their financial bottom line.

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