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The best decision you will do for yourself now is to consult with our Allentown motorcycle accident attorney. Traffic collisions are subject to a variety of state-specific laws. That said, it is easy to underestimate important details of your case.

Pennsylvania law requires all motorcycle riders to always wear protective gears. Failure to comply to such traffic rules and regulations constitutes negligence. Our Allentown motorcycle accident lawyer can discuss these topics with you in detail.

What every motorcycle accident attorney Allentown PA wants you to remember before hitting the road

Before you ride your motorcycle, you must be aware of the laws that every motorist should abide by. 

  • Wear safety gear such as the helmet

It is in the law that you must always wear protective headgear if you are under the age of 21 to prevent you from sustaining severe head trauma when you get involved in a traffic collision however, we recommend that everyone always wears protective headgear.

  • Do not drive impaired

Just like when driving a car, motorists are prohibited from being on the road when under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Just imagine the more severe injuries you will sustain when you get in an accident on a motorcycle without the protection of a car around you.

There are more traffic laws you are responsible to follow throughout the state. Phone our Allentown motorcycle accident attorney to discuss them. We can get started with your case right away.

As a longtime Allentown motorcycle accident lawyer, we have extensive experience in handling motorcycle accident cases. We have helped accident victims, successfully recover benefits, and represented clients before the court.

Our motorcycle accident lawyer Allentown PA will analyze the severity of your injuries and determine a fair compensation for you to pursue. The numbers will depend on your medical reports, whether you are suffering from short-term or long-term trauma.

To learn more about the legal actions you should take, consult with our Allentown motorcycle accident attorney. Remember that even seasoned motorists can get into an accident, it is far better to have our legal team to help you with legal needs.

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