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Fatal accidents happen every day, hence our Clearwater fatal accident lawyer is always ready to provide legal assistance. From fatal DUI crash to a fatal accident at work, our Clearwater fatal accident attorney got you covered.

Fatal accident liability

Although fatal accidents are classified as unintentional, they are considered preventable. One can take care of himself or herself, as well as other people by providing a safe environment, checking tools, machinery, and generally taking precautions.

Some accidents may result in sudden death, while other cases result in eventual death. For example, two individual pedestrians were involved in a car accident where one was killed on the spot, and the other died a week later. Regardless of the expediency of their fatalities, these are considered fatal accidents and that the person responsible for the accident will be held liable.  

A fatal accident lawyer in Clearwater FL can handle the following cases:

  • Unauthorized operation of machinery

Personnel working with machines must be aware of the risks involved in operating tools, machines, and equipment. Leaving these high-powered systems unguarded can result in serious injuries.

  • A fatal accident resulting from faulty products

Phone chargers and hairdryers play an important role in our daily lives. However, product defects pose danger such as electrocution that may result in serious injuries or death. 

  • Unlawful operation of a firearm

A gun that was accidentally discharged can instantly kill an individual which is why firearms should not be pointed at anything you do not intend to shoot. Also, keep them away from children, fugitives, someone under indictment, someone illegal or unlawful in the country, or someone who has been convicted in court. 

  • Vehicular manslaughter

Charges may be brought against the driver of a vehicle responsible for the fatal accident. Often, such an accident is a result of drunk or reckless driving.

  • Unlawful sale of substances

This refers to the illegal sale of controlled substances.

If your loved one has been involved in a fatal accident that was someone else’s fault, you have the right to file a compensation claim. Our Clearwater fatal accident lawyer has the legal resources needed to tackle your case. 

Many accidents lead to untimely deaths. Frequently, these types of accidents happen on the highway or the workplace. Let our Clearwater fatal accident attorney seek justice for your family, expose the negligence of the other party, and recover what is owed to you.

For a compassionate and knowledgeable legal aid, do not hesitate to contact our Clearwater fatal accident lawyer. Our fatal accident attorney in Clearwater FL have represented many who lost someone in deadly accidents.

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