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largo auto accident attorneyAuto accidents can be scary. Whenever you are in an accident, you might not be sure where to turn to considering medical expenses and other damages must be paid. Our Largo auto accident attorneys are available to help you with understanding your rights after an accident. Accidents happen and you have a right to be compensated from an insurer, but how do you go about it? We are here to help.

Largo Auto Accident Statistics

Over the years, Largo auto accident attorneys have noted that the accident numbers continue to increase slightly with each passing year. Pinellas county averages 77 crashes a day. Even with more traffic rules to try and keep accidents to a minimum, people are still ending up in auto accidents.

Largo auto accident lawyers are essential, whether it is a minor or severe accident. We always advise our clients to seek medical attention for all accidents.

Once the doctor clears you, then let our auto accident Lawyers Largo FL write an insurance claim for your accident. Hold the negligent party accountable for causing the accident.

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Florida Laws on Auto Insurance

Florida uses the ‘no-fault’ system for those seeking a settlement after an accident. With this kind of system, Largo auto accident lawyers will help you file a claim with the insurance company without necessarily proving that another party was at fault in the accident. Your settlement is essential for paying your medical bills and other expenses.

In cases where the accident was fatal or led to severe injuries, then the auto accident attorneys Largo FL will file for another claim outside the no-fault system. Such a claim will have to prove the negligent party was responsible for the accident.

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Reach out to our Largo auto accident attorneys to have your case evaluated. Let us help you.  No money up front needed. We get paid when the insurance company issues the settlement. Start today by telling us about your accident.

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