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pay penalty for quitting your job over covid-19
Published on: 30 Oct, 2020
If coronavirus is forcing you to leave your job, do you have to pay a penalty for quitting your job over COVID-19? Here are some legal answers After months of the COVID-19 related shutdowns, the authorities have finally reopened the economy amidst the surging cases of the virus. While some businesses have fully adapted to the work from home model, other establishments require their staff to be on ground. For the fear of contracting the… Read More
Are Covid-19 Surcharges Legal?
Published on: 7 Sep, 2020
With businesses reopening their doors after months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Americans are beginning to get used… Read More
can you be fired from work for having temporary disability
Published on: 4 Sep, 2020
The laws covering whether you can be fired for temporary or short-term disability due to physical or mental illness or… Read More
coronavirus concern
Published on: 4 Sep, 2020
Months after the coronavirus pandemic abruptly shuttered classrooms across the United States, many states have considered reopening schools even as… Read More
Students Who Defer Due To Covid-19
Published on: 3 Sep, 2020
Although life is gradually returning to normal, the country is still bleeding profusely from the financial and economic laceration created… Read More
lawsuit against cruise ship company
Published on: 3 Sep, 2020
Since the outbreak of the coronavirus became a cause of public panic in the United States, many cruise lines companies have caught… Read More
personal injury lawsuits
Published on: 2 Sep, 2020
As the economy reopens after months of lockdown enforced by the authorities to slow the spread of coronavirus, it is… Read More
Risks Of Not Having A Will During The Covid-19 Pandemic
Published on: 2 Sep, 2020
Having a will is one of the most important decisions anyone who cares about their family would strive to accomplish… Read More
unemployment during covid-19
Published on: 30 Jul, 2020
Are you wondering how to file for unemployment during coronavirus? You're not alone. Only few Americans are unaffected by the… Read More
bankruptcy covid-19
Published on: 28 Jul, 2020
Finances of many individuals and businesses have been significantly severed following the shutdown of the economy prompted by the outbreak… Read More

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