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Can You Be Asked to Pay Penalty For Quitting Your Job Over COVID-19?

pay penalty for quitting your job over covid-19

If coronavirus is forcing you to leave your job, do you have to pay a penalty for quitting your job over COVID-19? Here are some legal answers After months of the COVID-19 related shutdowns, the authorities have finally reopened the economy amidst the surging cases of the virus. While some businesses have fully adapted to […]

Are Covid-19 Surcharges Legal?

Are Covid-19 Surcharges Legal?

With businesses reopening their doors after months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Americans are beginning to get used to seeing businesses include surcharges in addition to regular prices of products or business they render. If you’re like most people, you may be curious to know if these extra fees are legal. This article […]

Can I Be Fired For Temporary Disability During Coronavirus?

can you be fired from work for having temporary disability

The laws covering whether you can be fired for temporary or short-term disability due to physical or mental illness or injury are complicated. And it can even be trickier to give a straight answer in light of the unprecedented reality of the present time due to the coronavirus pandemic.  But generally, the answer depends on […]

Can Parents Keep Their Children From School Over Coronavirus Concerns?

coronavirus concern

Months after the coronavirus pandemic abruptly shuttered classrooms across the United States, many states have considered reopening schools even as the virus continues to spread at an alarming rate. Georgia, Mississippi, Indiana and Tennessee are among the first set of states to finally reopen their doors following the calls and outcries from individuals and groups for the […]

Can Schools Rescind Admissions From Students Who Defer Due To COVID-19?

Students Who Defer Due To Covid-19

Although life is gradually returning to normal, the country is still bleeding profusely from the financial and economic laceration created by the pandemic. Fear reigns as many states continue to witness an exponential rise in the number of new COVID-19 cases.  With many colleges and universities ordering their fresh and returning students to resume, concerns […]

The Risks Of Not Having A Will During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Risks Of Not Having A Will During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Having a will is one of the most important decisions anyone who cares about their family would strive to accomplish in their lifetime. While will preparation is typically essential, the need for it has become especially more important now than ever considering the increasing threat to life triggered by the outbreak and continuous spread of […]

How To File For Unemployment During Coronavirus In Texas

unemployment during covid-19

Are you wondering how to file for unemployment during coronavirus? You’re not alone. Only few Americans are unaffected by the economic and human tragedy wrought by the novel coronavirus. As the pandemic rages on, tens of millions have reportedly lost their jobs following the enforcement of a range of public safety measures by the authorities […]

How To File For Bankruptcy During Coronavirus

bankruptcy covid-19

Finances of many individuals and businesses have been significantly severed following the shutdown of the economy prompted by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Although the economy is now reopening as states are now embarking on phased relaxation of the lockdown, hundreds to thousands of businesses are still stuck in deep financial crisis worsened […]