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Make sure that you deal with the aftermath of a car accident the right way by working with competent Phoenix car accident attorneys. The events after an accident can be a blur — unfortunately, if you miss crucial steps in reporting and documenting the accident, you might cost yourself the right to compensation.

That’s what our Phoenix car accident lawyers are here for — to make sure that you are able to recover from your injuries and are able to hold the negligent parties responsible while collecting the compensation you are entitled to.


What to do following a car accident

Our experienced car accident attorneys in Phoenix AZ know how crucial the hours or days after a car accident are. If you have found yourself as the victim of an auto accident, make sure to:

  • Report the accident and receive any necessary medical treatment: Your health and safety is top priority. Make sure you contact authorities and call for medical assistance following your accident to address any injuries you might have sustained. The police will also be able to provide help and document the accident.
  • Contact our Phoenix car accident attorneys: Before insurance companies try to get involved to limit your payout, talk to our team first. We will investigate to see if someone’s negligence spurred the accident, and if it did, we will make sure they are held accountable.
  • Gather evidence and document the accident: It always helps to take pictures, gather witness accounts, obtain a copy of the police report and more. This is crucial evidence your Phoenix car accident lawyers can use to bolster your case.

You can consult with car accident lawyers in Phoenix AZ right now. This is especially beneficial if you recently sustained injuries in a car accident.

Fill out the form here on our website with information about you and your case. One of our Phoenix car accident attorneys will be in touch as soon as possible.

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