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Show insurance companies that you mean business, by putting seasoned Detroit car accident attorneys in your corner. Never try to negotiate with these large business entities on your own in the wake of an injurious car accident.

Instead, work with Detroit car accident lawyers that will make sure your best interests are represented and advocated for. Our team is skilled and aggressive when it comes to standing up to insurance companies.

If you have been injured in a car wreck, and someone else is to blame, their insurance company will be the one responsible to issue your compensation. This is a problem for a few reasons.

  • Insurance companies invest millions of dollars in their own legal resources. These attorneys are trained to delegitimize your claims and otherwise work in the interest of the company. Having your own car accident attorneys in Detroit MI allows you to have legal resources of your own.
  • Insurance companies are exactly that — they’re a business. Their objective is to make money, not to serve the best interests of accident victims. That’s why you need Detroit car accident attorneys to force their hand.
  • Also, insurance companies know how to negotiate with accident victims. They’ll almost routinely offer settlement amounts that are way below what the victim are owed — but the victim often still goes for it. With Detroit car accident lawyers in your corner, you can have the peace of mind knowing whether or not a settlement amount is fair.

Our car accident lawyers in Detroit MI have been going to head-to-head with insurance companies for years. Companies in the insurance industry know our reputation and they respect it. This will offer serious benefits in your case.

Talk to our Detroit car accident attorneys right now if you have been injured in a wreck. We will gather some additional information about the incident and lay out your legal options.

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