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Bicycle injuries shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially when you don’t have adequate protection for your body, hence you need the service of our Pasadena bicycle accident attorneys to help you out when you are involved in a bike accident. Getting medical treatment for your injuries can take a toll on your finances, especially when you’re not able to go to work because of it. That said, you can rely on our Pasadena bicycle accident lawyers to fight for your right to get compensated by the party who is at fault. This way, you can help recoup your expenses to help you get back on your feet.

Common Reasons for Bicycle Accidents

People often assume that cyclists are the ones responsible for accidents on the road. Although there is a possibility that they may have caused the accident, drivers can also be responsible too. There are several instances when this can happen, such as the driver opening their door when a cyclist is passing by, making a sudden turn on the path of the cyclist, drunk driving, or even distracted driving just to name a few. Our Pasadena bicycle accident attorneys will get to the bottom of the accident with the aid of our extensive network, and we will make sure that you will be compensated for your injuries properly. We know that fighting for your claims won’t be easy, especially when the other party will contest it, that is why our Pasadena bicycle accident lawyers will come to your aid to defend your rights.

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Consulting our bike accident attorneys in Pasadena TX can help you get important details on your case. With our bike accident lawyers in Pasadena TX, you can have the peace of mind you deserve knowing someone is going to represent you in your personal injury case. Just give our Pasadena bicycle accident attorneys a call and we will get started on your case.

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