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It can be terrifying for a cyclist to get into a bicycle vs motor vehicle accident. Mainly because you have very little protection while riding a bicycle. Often a motorist hits you from behind or from the side. A motorist will have more protection and can often walk away with no injuries. The same cannot be said for a cyclist. In such a case, a cyclist needs one of our Largo bicycle accident attorneys to help them in recovering damages from the at-fault party.

How You Can Avoid Bicycle Accidents

As much as accidents can sometimes be inevitable, it is possible to increase your odds of survival. Our Largo bicycle accident lawyers always advise their clients to wear helmets each time when riding their bicycle. A severe injury to the head can have other impacts on your health and chances of survival go way down when a helmet is not worn. Also, ensure that you are wearing a safety approved helmet.

Our Largo bike accident attorneys recommend that you remain visible while on your bike. You can do so by wearing reflectors and installing small flashers on your bike. A reflector should always be part of your attire.

As a cyclist, you should always follow traffic rules. This keeps you safe and avoids unnecessary accidents with other road users.

What Should I Do After A Bicycle Accident?

Our Largo bicycle accident attorneys recommend that you seek medical services if you are hurt. In cases where the accident was a minor one, you can contact the police to take your statement and gather the other person information.

The next thing you should do is call our bike accident attorneys in largo FL for advice. If the bike accident lawyers in Largo FL have an office close to the scene, they can send someone to take your statement and assess the accident.

Proper Legal Representation

In order to protect yourself during the claim process you need the legal services of our Largo bicycle accident attorneys. The jury sometimes can be biased against a cyclist. As a result, one of our Largo bicycle accident lawyers can prove crucial in presenting the facts of your case. Our attorneys often receive higher compensation packages for our clients than those that choose to represent themselves. Let us hear from you today.

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