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There are several ways for truck accidents to occur, and if you find yourself involved in one, consulting with our Provo trucking accident attorney will be worth your while. This is because insurance companies may not be giving you the right compensation for your trouble which can mean losing financial help with regards to treatment, repairs, and even loss of wages. Before you sign any claims coming from the truck company, talk to our Provo trucking accident lawyer.

Who can be Liable for the Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are quite different from collisions involving regular passenger cars in several ways. There are numerous factors that may be involved for a truck accident to occur, therefore each case handled by our Provo trucking accident attorney will vary. This includes determining who will be held liable for the accident such as:

  • If the truck is under a company, the employer may be held liable too. This depends on whether the employer is also in the truck or how much control the boss has over the vehicle and the driver.
  • Vehicle distributor or manufacturer. There are accidents that can occur because of the negligence of the manufacturing company or vehicle distributor. This is especially true when the vehicle already has a defect but is still sold. This will require a thorough investigation which our trucking accident attorney Provo UT can help you with.

Work with Our Provo Trucking Accident Lawyer Immediately

Contacting our trucking accident lawyer Provo UT as soon as possible can help guide you through the ins and outs of truck accidents, from determining who is at fault, filing claims, or, in severe cases, filing a lawsuit against the other party. Our Provo trucking accident attorney will provide you with all the details needed for this kind of situation until you are compensated properly.

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