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The death of a family member is devastating for the survivors. Often families struggle if the person who died was the sole breadwinner of the family. If you believe your kin died in a case of wrongful death, then you have the right to file suit for a wrongful death claim against the negligent party. Such cases can be complicated, so consider hiring our Lakeland wrongful death attorneys to work on it. In the end, we want to assure our clients of the best legal representation.

Wrongful Death Act in Florida

Our Lakeland wrongful death attorneys will fully understand the law on wrongful death in Florida. With this kind of information, Lakeland wrongful death lawyers will advise their clients on what to do next.

Wrongful death lawyers in Lakeland FL will file the claim for you to seek compensation. In most cases, it can be the spouse, minors, or parents of the deceased. These are the categories of people who are allowed by law to file for wrongful death claims.

A spouse can sue because of mental pain suffering, loss of support, loss protection, and companionship. As for the children, they would also be seeking the same kind of damages. We take these cases seriously and ensure you get the best compensation allowable by law.

Filing the Claim on Time

Lakeland wrongful death lawyers know about the statute of limitations in such cases. Competent wrongful death attorneys in Lakeland FL will inform their clients about the two-year rule deadline from the time of death. Your lawyer will need to compile document to support a claim and present it for settlement so file as soon as possible for your financial protection.

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Having the at-fault party pay for negligence will bring a bit of relief even if it is just financial relief. You can achieve that with the help our Lakeland wrongful death attorneys. You will always miss your loved one. Let us help you receive justice for the loss of your family member. The financial settlement can also help you take care of your family. Talk to us today for more details on our legal services.

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