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Work with an experienced and dedicated Jacksonville trucking accident attorney to find out who is legally responsible for your accident and hold them accountable. Accidents involving semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles can be devastating.

Victims that do manage to survive these catastrophic accidents often come away with life changing injuries that affect their future quality of life, ability to work and more. We want to provide you with a Jacksonville trucking accident lawyer that will take all of this into consideration when pursuing compensation from negligent people or parties involved.

Your trucking accident attorney in Jacksonville FL can potentially go after:

  • The company that owns and operates the truck
  • The driver operating the vehicle
  • The manufacturer of the truck or the truck’s various components
  • Other motorists that spurred the accident
  • And more

An experienced trucking accident lawyer in Jacksonville FL is essential in cases like this. They need to be able to go through the details of the accident and find the cause and who was to blame. A certain level of industry knowledge is important.

Your Jacksonville trucking accident attorney will come with years of experience within the trucking industry, knowing how to spot negligence and having an extensive knowledge on the laws that regulate the industry.

Get on the road to recovery — make sure justice is served

A Jacksonville trucking accident lawyer from our team can advocate for you and make sure you are treated fairly in the aftermath of a commercial trucking accident. Don’t allow people or parties to abandon their responsibilities in these types of situations.

Put quality legal professionals in your corner by filling out our online form. We want to know a little bit about yourself and your recent accident. This information will be provided to a Jacksonville trucking accident attorney for review. We will then reach out for a free consultation.

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