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Whether you have been injured in an accident involving a semi-truck, or you have lost a loved one in this fashion, we have a Columbus trucking accident attorney that is ready to go to work on your behalf.

Accidents involving these large commercial vehicles can be devastating. Semi-trucks, by nature, are large, heavy and hard to control. When matched with traditional vehicles or motorcycles, they are proven to inflict catastrophic damage.

Each Columbus trucking accident lawyer in our network has extensive experience working with accident victims. We know the trucking industry well, along with the laws that regulate it. This allows your trucking accident attorney in Columbus OH to easily spot negligence on behalf of the:

  • Carrier: The carrier is responsible to put safe drivers and safe trucks on the road. When they don’t, your trucking accident lawyer in Columbus OH will hold them accountable.
  • Driver: Often, a truck driver can be at fault. Whether they weren’t paying attention or they got behind the wheel tired or even drunk — your Columbus trucking accident attorney will scrutinize the driver’s role in the accident.
  • Manufacturers: Negligence can even be traced back to the companies that manufactured parts for semi-trucks. If flawed components led to the accident, these parties can be held responsible.

With an experienced Columbus trucking accident lawyer in your corner, you can make sure that negligent parties won’t try walking away from their legal duties — which is to compensate you or your family for the injuries and hardships that resulted from the accident.

You can speak with a Columbus trucking accident attorney about your accident for free. This is a no-obligation scenario in which you can ask questions and get important information about your available legal options. Set up the complimentary consultation appointment by completing our online form and submitting your information to our team. We look forward to working with you.

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