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If you have recently been cited for a moving violation, it may be time to seek the assistance of our San Francisco traffic ticket attorneys. Although you may not think that a traffic ticket will significantly influence your life, the fact is that moving violations can have long-term ramifications that you may not expect.

These include higher insurance rates, revocation of your driver’s license – and, in some cases, even prison time. Our San Francisco traffic ticket lawyers provide you with the resources you need to stand up against unfair allegations in court.


Why use San Francisco traffic ticket attorneys to fight your ticket

For most drivers, the first impulse after getting a traffic ticket is not to fight back. We mostly accept that the police officer has the right to cite us, even though that may not be the case.

  • San Francisco traffic ticket lawyers can help you identify errors that occurred in the citation process, finding flaws that others would have missed. This means that traffic ticket attorneys in San Francisco CA can help you reduce the consequences associated with the ticket – or even have it thrown out entirely.
  • Furthermore, using traffic ticket lawyers in San Francisco CA intimidates prosecutors, many of whom are not expecting you to show up with an attorney to back your case. Prosecutors realize that you cannot simply be bullied into compliance. Additionally, the judge’s perception of you may be swayed by the fact that you have retained an attorney — that move shows that you are dedicated to proving your innocence.

After you have received a traffic citation, consider the benefits of enlisting the help of our San Francisco traffic ticket attorneys. We are ready and waiting for your call. Contact us today to learn more about your options for fighting back against an unfair ticket.

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