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When it comes to traffic violations that involve getting pulled over and receiving a ticket, there is no other way to turn to other than our Longmont traffic ticket attorneys. Before doing anything else, such as paying the fine, consult with us first. 

Many people do not realize that simply paying the fines will not make the violation banish from your record. Our Longmont traffic ticket lawyers know that paying is the same as pleading guilty to the offense, hence the record will remain and could affect your driver’s license and insurance.

Our traffic ticket attorneys in Longmont CO will help you fight the ticket. We have been successful in helping our clients with the following:

  • Drop the ticket
  • Dismiss the ticket
  • Reduce the offense

What this means is that our Longmont traffic ticket attorneys will fight to lower the costs, prevent insurance increase, and prevent you from getting license points or suspension.

Of course, you must practice safety precautions whenever or wherever you drive. You must think before you take the risk, or you could take the wrong one and before you realize it you are getting pulled over.

What are the different types of traffic tickets?

When people think of traffic tickets, the most common thing that comes to mind is a speeding ticket. However, there are other violations that could get you ticketed such as

  • Distracted driving

You can get a ticket if you are using your mobile phone while driving. But that’s not all! You can also get ticketed for eating while driving!

  • Reckless driving

Driving recklessly will not only endanger yourself but other innocent people as well. 

  • Driving without license

This is a serious offense, and in some cases, will require traffic ticket lawyers in Longmont CO to represent you.

  • Hit and run

Leaving a crime scene is illegal and punishable by law. If you hit someone, even by accident, you are required to stay on the scene and call for help. 

  • Running a red light

You will need to hire Longmont traffic ticket lawyers to fight this kind of ticket. 

If you were charged with a traffic violation, our Longmont traffic ticket attorneys will help you understand the consequences of your offense and the options you have. Let us help you!

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