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There are some drivers who don’t pay much attention to their traffic tickets, but if you are required to appear in court because of your violations, it would be a good idea to hire our Erie traffic ticket attorneys to help you out. Hiring our Erie traffic ticket lawyers when you receive a traffic ticket may help reduce the penalty that you will be ordered to pay. If you want to contest the ticket that you received, we will be able to provide you with legal services where not only will your statement be reviewed, but the evidence will be as well, to determine if you have a case or not. Just give us a call and we can discuss how we can help.

Importance of Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Erie PA

There are different types of traffic violations that can occur, from speeding, to running a red light, and driving with expired inspection stickers. There are other more serious traffic violations like driving with a suspended license. For repeat offenders you could get up a $1,000 in fines to 6 months in jail. Whatever kind of traffic ticket you received, our Erie traffic ticket attorneys will do their best to reduce your fine or sentencing as much as possible. We know that there are various circumstances that caused you to violate traffic laws, and if we think that you have a case, you can rest easy knowing that our Erie traffic ticket lawyers got your back.

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Every traffic violation will add points to your license. If you reached 6 points, you would need to attend a driving school, or you will lose your license. Getting more than 11 points means that your license will be revoked. There are instances when you think you won’t get any points because you were given a citation and a fee, but then you received a notice that your license will be suspended. When this happens, our Erie traffic ticket attorneys will fight to defend your rights.

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