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Welcome — we have a team of Jacksonville tenant attorneys that will look out for your best interests as a renter and provide you with legal guidance if you run into legal conflict.

Millions of people throughout the country rent a home, apartment or other type of residence. Tenants and landlords enter into a leasing agreement, which states how the relationship will be maintained and outlines the obligations for both the landlord and the tenant.

When this relationship deteriorates and it leads to conflict, our Jacksonville tenant lawyers can provide you with the legal counsel needed to take action. Our tenant attorneys in Jacksonville FL protect tenants from things like:

  • Unfair evictions
  • Breaches in the leasing agreement
  • Privacy issues or harassment
  • Unfit living conditions
  • And more

These Jacksonville tenant attorneys have extensive experience working with men and women who find themselves in these, and other, scenarios.

Connect with our Jacksonville landlord attorneys

We also have Jacksonville landlord lawyers on our team that can serve as a resource for those who are renting their homes and apartments out. Landlords need legal help, as well, when they are faced with tenants that do not comply with the leasing agreement or state laws.

With the help of our landlord attorneys in Jacksonville FL, you can draft a legally binding lease agreement that will hold up in court when it needs to be enforced. Our Jacksonville landlord attorneys will also help you navigate such processes as evicting delinquent tenants or suing them for unpaid rent.

Whether you are looking for qualified Jacksonville tenant attorneys or you are a landlord and need legal advice, we have a team for you. Let us know a little bit about yourself and your current situation by filling out our online form. A member of our staff will reach out to you as soon as possible for a free consultation.

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