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Sometimes, it is advisable to consult with Allentown tenant attorneys from the start to prevent problems from escalating.

Both the landlord and tenants have rights over the property on lease. When issues come up, landlords are also encouraged to seek the help of Allentown landlord Attorneys.

Our Allentown tenant lawyers will give you a comprehensive understanding of the legal process and the local laws. Our team can help iron existing lease disputes and arrive at a fair resolution. We can take on both sides, hence, we can give assistance to landlord clients as landlord attorneys in Allentown PA. 

Hold your landlord responsible

All tenants have the right to be safe in their homes. As a tenant, you would want to live in a unit that passed at least the basic requirement for house interior and exterior codes.

  • Your landlord should issue payment receipts.
  • The landlord must ensure that the rental unit is habitable.
  • The rental unit must pass the local health and housing code.
  • The landlord must conduct necessary repair or maintenance.
  • Sexual harassment by the landlord, manager, or caretaker is illegal.

If you were unlawfully evicted or experiencing unfair treatment by your landlord, contact our Allentown tenant attorneys to explain your legal options.

Hold your tenant accountable

Allentown Landlord lawyers can discuss your rights in full detail. But to give you an idea, you have the right to serve a tenant with an eviction notice for the following reasons:

  • Non – payment of rent for many months.
  • The apartment building requires major renovations.
  • The tenant subleases the property without written consent.
  • Sexual harassment by the tenant is illegal.

The landlord and tenant issues may involve multiple parties which is why it is advisable that tenants consult with tenant attorneys in Allentown PA, while the landlord seeks his or her own legal counsel or Allentown landlord attorneys.

You will want to speak with experienced Allentown tenant attorneys to make sure that your issues are properly handled. Phone our office now to discuss your situation.

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