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Without the assistance of St. Petersburg tenant attorneys, landlord-tenant conflicts may turn into an unnecessarily long court battle. Consider calling our St. Petersburg Landlord Attorneys to discuss the legal issues regarding landlord and tenant responsibilities.

Many tenants do not understand the need to consult with legal experts in resolving disputes with landlords. St. Petersburg tenant lawyers are essential when going through the landlord-tenant lease agreement.

So, you’ve been served an eviction notice?

Any landlord attorneys in St. Petersburg FL know that your landlord cannot simply remove you from the premises and lock your possessions inside. There is an appropriate legal action that must be adhered to.

Our St. Petersburg tenant attorneys will help you respond to an eviction notice. Receiving this kind of notice can be emotional and worrisome. It is important that as a tenant; you understand the legal implications and remedy to your situation. 

On the other hand, St. Petersburg Landlord lawyers will provide support to landlords and help them with drafting eviction notices. 

There are two kinds of eviction notices you must be aware of: the summary eviction and the formal eviction notice. The formal eviction allows the landlord to request both money and possession of the rental property in one lawsuit.

A summary eviction notice usually gives an individual a maximum ten days to respond. The “days” do not include the day the notice was served, holidays, and weekends. 

Your options as a tenant which your landlord and his or her St. Petersburg Landlord Attorneys would want you to do are:

  • Never question the notice
  • Move out within the given time
  • Pay amount due to the landlord

However, our tenant attorneys in St. Petersburg FL will tell otherwise. If you are not sure about landlord-tenant responsibilities or do not fully understand your lease agreement, it will be easier for your landlord to kick you out just like that. What you want is to consult with a lawyer.

You need legal minds who can point you in the right direction. Our team of professionals will help you understand the law, the obligations of each party involved, and the process of answering with the judicial court or filing a motion to stay.

There is no reason not to talk with our St. Petersburg tenant attorneys. For more information about the eviction process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Find Landlord/Tenant Problem Attonery Now