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For years, our firm has represented thousands of clients acting either as Orem tenant attorneys or Orem Landlord Attorneys. We are a group of legal professionals who focus on landlord and tenant issues.

How to avoid bad landlords

Landlords have the duty of inspecting the premises for any defects or hazards that could harm the tenants. Unfortunately, there are landlords who are so focused on profit and neglect their responsibility of keeping the place habitable for the renters.

If you are a tenant facing a dispute with your landlord, consult with our Orem tenant lawyers to learn what you can do legally. It is also worth noting that in case a lawsuit is filed, expect the other party to hire his or her own Orem Landlord lawyers.

The tenant attorneys in Orem UT will tell you it is best to be extra cautious.

  • Do your own research
  • Take photos or videos of the premises
  • Talk to other tenants
  • Ask questions to your potential landlord
  • Know your rights

How to avoid bad tenants

Just like bad landlords, bad tenants are everywhere too. And as a landlord, having them in your place could have a negative impact on your business. There are times when they will hire Orem tenant attorneys to try to claim something from you.

As Orem Landlord Attorneys, we will help you avoid nightmares landlords experience with their renters. Here are some tips:

  • Screen the potential tenants
  • Conduct an adequate background check¬†
  • Draw up a good lease agreement
  • Do routine inspections
  • Do not accept cash payers

Our landlord attorneys in Orem UT work to avoid more challenges in the future. We know how serious landlord and tenant disputes can be, so you can count on our dedication and prompt actions.

If you need to talk to Orem tenant attorneys or our landlord attorneys, please do not hesitate to contact us. Phone our office and learn how we can help you resolve your disputes.

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