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Do you know you are protected each time you are on someone’s property? The property owner must ensure that guests receive proper safety all the time. Any time you get injured on someone’s else property because of negligence, contact Orlando property liability attorneys for more guidance. With the right property liability lawyers in Orlando FL, you can end up with a settlement to cover the expenses incurred after the accident.

Property Owners Responsibility

Of course, the property owner will not just pay for the injuries because your Orlando property liability lawyers say so. It is expected that property owners will also fight back through their property liability attorneys in Orlando FL too. So, when is the property owner liable? To understand this, we look at the types of guests that can be on a property.

  1. Invitees – These guests will enter the property to purchase goods. For such guests, the property owner must make sure there are no hazards that might lead to potential injuries.


  1. Licensee – Orlando property liability attorneys can represent licensee. These are what you can call friends and family members. They are not on the premise for any commercial purposes. It is usually a residential dwelling place. The property owner needs to fix any possible hazards on the premise to protect the guests. However, the property owner will be liable only if he knew about the dangers.


  1. Trespasser – Yes, they might also need Orlando property liability lawyers to work on their case. Trespassers are people not authorized to be on your property. The property owner will have the least responsibility for them. However, you cannot set up hazardous conditions with the aim of harming trespassers.

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Whichever the scenario, you will need the help of Orlando property liability attorneys to protect your legal rights and receive the right compensation. The lawsuit will also compel the property owner to put in measures to fix any hazards and avoid having a repeat of the same in the future. Whenever you need help with your case, we are always available to offer legal advice.

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