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If you have been injured due to hazards found on public or private property, then enlist the assistance of qualified Jacksonville property liability attorneys. We can connect you with competent legal professionals to review your case and take appropriate action.

What is property liability?

Jacksonville property liability lawyers can file a civil lawsuit against property owners or managers if they failed to address hazards on their property. Under the law, these owners and managers have an obligation to maintain a safe premises for everyone that comes and goes.

Some of the more common instances of property liability cases include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Physical assaults due to inadequate security
  • Falling down a flight of stairs
  • Tripping on cracked or warped sidewalks and walkways
  • And more

When you work with our team, your property liability attorneys in Jacksonville FL will go to work scrutinizing the details behind your incident, searching to find if the property owner or manager was negligent in not addressing the certain hazards of the property.

Experienced Jacksonville property liability attorneys

Our Jacksonville property liability lawyers bring extensive experience within this area of personal injury law. They have worked with countless accident victims to help them recover compensation they are owed for things like medical bills, time away from work and more.

If you have been injured on someone else’s property — or on public property — talk to our property liability lawyers in Jacksonville FL first. We can guide your way and maximize your chances at recovering compensation.

Don’t try to settle on an agreement with the property owner or their insurance companies. This can lead to low-ball settlements or you might even be tricked into claiming responsibility for the matter. Our Jacksonville property liability attorneys are standing by to discuss your case. Tell us about it through our easy, secure online form.

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