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Working with a Jacksonville prenuptial agreements attorney is important if you want to get one of these contracts in place for your marriage.

Many marrying couples assume that they can file the paperwork on their own and save on the legal fees. However, it’s fairly easy to make a mistake during this process, and these mistakes can deem your prenup unenforceable under the law.

Play it safe — our Jacksonville prenuptial agreements lawyer staff can help you create a legally binding agreement that maps out certain aspects of a potential divorce — like which assets are marital property and which are individual property.

A prenuptial agreements attorney in Jacksonville FL to guide the process

A prenuptial agreements lawyer in Jacksonville FL can help answer crucial questions or concerns about your prenup so that it is legally binding and enforceable under the law. There are a variety of factors that could deem your agreement void — they include:

  • Couples trying to enforce verbal agreements — they have to be written
  • One spouse being coerced to sign
  • The agreement includes bizarre or unenforceable provisions
  • Filing the paperwork incorrectly
  • And more

These problems — and more — can be avoided with the oversight of a Jacksonville prenuptial agreements attorney. Our network of lawyers have worked with countless men and women to both educate them on the benefits of prenups and helping them get an agreement in place that reflects their wishes.

Your Jacksonville prenuptial agreements lawyer will ensure that you head into your new marriage with a legally airtight agreement in place.

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