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Learn about what you can — and cannot — accomplish with a prenup by speaking with a Fort Worth prenuptial agreements attorney. These professionals will be able to walk you through the finer points of this valuable marriage tool.

We invite you to speak with a Fort Worth prenuptial agreements lawyer from our network. These are experienced family law attorneys that specialize in helping marrying couples draft and enforce prenuptial agreements.

What a prenup can do for you

Any prenuptial agreements attorney in Fort Worth TX would likely be quick to praise this tool. A prenuptial agreement makes divorce quick and easy. That’s because, with the help of a prenuptial agreements lawyer in Fort Worth TX, you and your soon-to-be spouse can map out the property division phase in the event of a divorce.

This lets spouses protect the wealth that they had when they entered the marriage. Some spouses want to protect their legacy, which can come in the form of a family business. With a Fort Worth prenuptial agreements attorney, you can put an agreement in place that protect this, and other, things.

What a prenup can’t do for you

Still, there are limitations of a prenuptial agreement and your Fort Worth prenuptial agreements lawyer can walk you through them. In general terms, this agreement cannot contain any of the following:

  • Child support arrangements
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Rules that dictate personal matters
  • The right to alimony
  • And more

Still, prenups can be very thorough and are especially a valuable tool for men and women who bring with them significant wealth into the marriage.

Protect your wealth and legacy with a member of our team

Talk to our Fort Worth prenuptial agreements attorney right now and see how you can get a prenup in place. Our consultations are free. Submit an inquiry through our online form.

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