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There are certainly some inherent dangers with riding a motorcycle, but as a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney, we work hard to ensure the safety of motorcyclists out on the roads of the greater San Jose area.

While riders certainly absorb some risk to hit the open road on their bikes, they still have just as much of a right to the road as traditional vehicles and you need a San Jose motorcycle accident lawyer that feels the same way.

Our team boasts a network of personal injury attorneys that specialize in working with men and women who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. We work to recover the compensation they are owed for their injuries and are vigilante in holding the responsible parties accountable for their negligent actions.


The risks of riding a motorcycle

It’s important to ride defensively and be keenly aware of the risks of riding a motorcycle. As a longtime motorcycle accident attorney in San Jose CA, we always remind clients to remember that their vehicles are:

  • Hard to spot, especially at night
  • Appear smaller in rearview mirrors, so they are often cut off
  • Other motorists typically can’t tell how fast a motorcycle is moving
  • Drivers of car and trucks might even sometimes bully motorcyclists on the road

These are certainly not justifications for causing an accident. So, if you are involved in one, contact a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney from our team. We will analyze your accident, find who is responsible and hold them accountable.


A San Jose motorcycle accident lawyer who cares

Our team is dedicated to working with motorcyclists — you might even get a motorcycle accident lawyer in San Jose CA who is a rider themselves.

We will make sure that you are treated fairly following your accident. Talk to a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney by submitting our online form and get the answers you need.

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