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The odds that you will end up hurt in a motorcycle accident are high. If you check out the accidents reported through the years, severe injuries mostly happen when a bike is involved in a crash. If you are involved in a bike accident in Fort Collins, it is best to call a Fort Collins motorcycle accident attorney to ask about the next steps to take. Taking too long to take legal action against the at-fault party can create issues later.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

About 90% of motorcycle accidents often lead to serious injuries. In some cases, the Fort Collins motorcycle accident attorney might have to visit the client in the hospital to get an idea of how bad the accident was.

More than 400 people are killed each year in Colorado as a result of motorcycle accidents. An experienced Fort Collins motorcycle accident lawyer is needed in each of these cases to file for a possible wrongful death claim. With a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer Fort Collins CO, you can have confidence that your case will be represented well, leading to better compensation from the negligent party.

Primary Causes of Bike Crashes

Riders do not have the best reputation when using the roads. This is another reason you need a Fort Collins motorcycle accident lawyer if you want the jury to take your case seriously. People and insurance companies tend to assume that bikers are reckless.

A motorcycle accident attorney Fort Collins CO will tell you the most common causes of bike crashes include road hazards, speeding, lane-splitting, DUI, etc.

Get The Help You Deserve

With the stereotype against riders, and the serious injuries often sustained in a bike crash be protected and contact a Fort Collins motorcycle accident attorney for legal representation. Riders are not always at fault. There are times where they are the victims. In either case, they deserve to get the best legal advice from their attorneys.

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