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Dividing your property during divorce can quickly become a contentious issue, which is why you need the help of an Indianapolis marital asset division attorney to get through this challenging process. Identifying previously owned property and delineating those items from those with joint ownership may seem simple, but it often becomes challenging because of personal preference and general animosity during divorce.

What started off as a simple, straightforward breakup can spiral out of control without the help of an Indianapolis marital asset division lawyer. Instead of guessing about your rights during the property division process, rely on our Indianapolis asset division attorney to provide you with the information you need and deserve to get a fair shake during the divorce.
How can an Indianapolis marital asset division attorney help me?

The biggest issue that arises during property division is often the identification and division of joint property. Not all of your personal effects count as joint property during the divorce. An Indianapolis marital asset division lawyer knows that you do not have to surrender:

  • Personal effects that you had when you got married
  • Inheritances that have not been deposited into a joint account
  • Family heirlooms and other sentimental items
  • And even large items such as vehicles or properties, depending on the situation.

A marital asset division attorney in Indianapolis IN can provide you with the guidance you need to retain as much of your personal property as possible. Further, a marital asset division lawyer in Indianapolis IN can help you get your fair share of joint property, even if you did not think you had rights to certain accounts.

For instance, your ex-spouse may have entered into the marriage with a retirement account, and an asset division attorney in Indianapolis IN knows that you may be entitled to compensation if that account earned dividends during your marriage.

Trust the expertise of an Indianapolis marital asset division attorney to help you get the compensation you need in the aftermath of your marital dissolution.

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