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Going through a divorce proceeding is never easy on you or your family, and when it comes to dividing your marital assets, having an Erie marital asset division attorney reviewing your case can be beneficial to you in the long run. Both intangible as well as tangible assets will be divided between the two of you. There is a misconception, however, that this division will be equal parts and there are several factors that may award the other party more assets compared to the other. If you are wondering where you stand during the division of marital assets, consulting with our Erie marital asset division lawyer will be to your advantage.

Factors that Can Affect Division of Marital Assets

If the division of marital assets and property needs to be litigated, there are several factors that will be considered by the court when deciding on who gets what and our asset division attorney Erie PA will be able to explain this to you. Among these are the financial status of each party, evidence of any economic misconduct, tax implications that may arise during the distribution of marital assets, the future needs of the spouses, as well as exempt property. Letting our Erie marital asset division attorney assist you can help guarantee that you will receive what is considered fair. Our Erie asset division attorney understands the law regarding this stage of a divorce case, that is why you should reach out to us for guidance right from the start.

Our Erie Marital Asset Division Lawyer Will Fight for Your Rights

Talking to our marital asset division attorney Erie PA will give you better insight on how the division of property and assets is done. Hiring a marital asset division lawyer Erie PA when you are going through a divorce is the right choice. After all, our attorneys know the ins and outs of dividing properties which means you’ll have peace of mind knowing your rights are protected regarding this issue. Call our Erie marital asset division attorney for the help and guidance you deserve.

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