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We want to connect you with a Seattle legal guardianship attorney that can help you throughout the process in assuming this important obligation in the life of a child.

When parents are unable to sufficiently care for their children, you can take legal action to make sure they receive the attention they need. By working with a Seattle legal guardianship lawyer, you can vie for legal guardianship rights, which essentially means you will take over all the parental rights for the child or children.

What a legal guardianship attorney in Seattle WA can do for you

With the guidance of a legal guardianship lawyer in Seattle WA, you can make the proper legal steps to gain this designation in the life of a child or children.

Your Seattle legal guardianship attorney will provide you with the blueprint needed to petition for legal guardianship status and tie up any loose legal ends along the way. They ensure that process is smooth and will work to minimize any legal hurdles that you might encounter along the way.

Your Seattle legal guardianship lawyer can also help prepare you for phases of this process that involve you personally — like preparing for interviews or in-home visits. You will need to prove that you are a viable candidate for legal guardianship rights and our attorneys can make sure that you are properly prepared every step of the way.

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We have decades of combined knowledge and experience amongst our vast network of family law attorneys. We invite you to tap into this knowledge and expertise and benefit from the information and insight. Start now by scheduling a free consultation — fill out the online form on this page and get connected with a Seattle legal guardianship attorney.

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