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Our Orem family law attorneys will help you in all family law matters. Experienced Orem family law lawyers understand that all family law cases are different and require specific attention to detail so that the matter is resolved at the soonest possible time.

Family law attorneys in Orem UT will take care of the legal process regardless of the complexities of the case, contention or any other issues involved. Our family law lawyers in Orem UT are seasoned experts in cases related to Divorce, Child Support and Custody, Protection Order Cases, Post Decree Cases, Mediation Needs, Division of Property, Child Adoption, Parenting Coordination, etc. 

Here are some cases where you may seek the help of Orem family law lawyers. 


Divorce is probably one of the most difficult times that a family will ever face. To us, you are not just another file. Our expert Orem family law attorneys will help you resolve real estate divisions as well as represent you in a child custody case. 

Child support

If your family law case is about a child’s custody, then our lawyers will help you to get the right amount of financial support for the child. If you are the paying party, we make sure that you do it at a rate that is fair under the law.

Child custody

Legal issues regarding your children can be overwhelming. If you need to establish a parenting plan in such a case, you will need a lawyer to get both parties to agree on a suitable plan for the child to ensure maximum growth. 

Alimony support

The court considers several factors when providing alimony support to the spouse. Our lawyers will make sure that your needs as the payor, or as the payee, are not overlooked. 

The lawyers in our network can also help you in other matters including property division after divorce, attain protection orders, and more. Get in touch with our Orem family law attorneys and give your life the direction it needs.

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