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Welcome to a San Jose family law firm that provides our clients with one-on-one attention from some of the brightest attorneys in the industry. Family law is a very unique area of law — often comprised of cases that are emotionally charged and determine the fate of entire families.

Those responsibilities cannot be taken lightly. That’s why, at our family law firm in San Jose CA, we are dedicated to serving our clients. The legal professionals on our staff are:

  • Compassionate: We know that this can be a difficult phase of your life. Our attorneys acknowledge that and our door is always open in the event you have questions or concerns.
  • Accessible: Speaking of that open door policy, our family law firm in San Jose is attentive to your needs and always available when you need us. You should never be left to worry or wonder about an aspect of your case.
  • Proven: The members of our San Jose family law firm have successfully worked with a long list of men and women who have faced everything from divorce to child custody disputes. We bring that knowledge and experience to your case.

There is a lot at stake — your personal property, access to your children or even your own health in instances of domestic violence. Our family law firm in San Jose CA works hard to achieve a favorable outcome for you.


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