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If you want to work with a Charlotte family law firm that provides you with close personal attention, rather than treating you like a case number, then consult with the skilled attorneys on our team.

We are a leading family law firm in Charlotte NC that specializes in all facets of family law — from child custody, divorce and mediation to property division, domestic violence and adoption. We provide the savvy guidance needed to achieve a positive outcome in your case.

Let’s talk about your goals

Family law is unique in the fact that success is defined in many different ways. In personal injury law, a successful outcome is recovering compensation from negligent people or parties. But, in family law, success could be defined as:

  • Establishing a successful joint child custody agreement
  • Achieving an equitable distribution of assets during a divorce
  • Obtaining legal guardianship of a child
  • Moving through a divorce quickly and efficiently
  • And more

That’s why, the first question we ask when you visit with our family law firm in Charlotte is ‘What do you want to achieve?’ Your answer provides us with guidance on how to move forward.

Leverage the knowledge and experience at our Charlotte family law firm

The skilled attorneys at our family law firm in Charlotte NC come with decades of combined experience working on all types of family law cases. We have faced contentious divorces, emotionally charged child custody hearings and everything in between.

We translate that knowledge and experience to your case, where we will lay out your legal options and go to work helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

Start a strong relationship with a Charlotte family law firm that you can trust. Fill out the form here on our website with information about yourself and your situation and our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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