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It is not just in Florida, but all states keep in mind the rights of a child when deciding any child custody case. Depending on various factors, a court can determine the type of child custody that will be ideal for the child. The best way to get through such a complicated court process is if you have an Orlando child custody lawyer. We specialize in such cases, so we know how to tackle them while keeping not only the parent’s interests in mind but the child’s as well.

Child Custody and Shared Parenting

Cases involving child custody can be simple or complex depending on the situations that led to the parents splitting. With your Orlando child custody lawyer, child custody can be 50/50 between the parents or slightly different depending on how the parents can agree. It some cases it will be best for the child if one parent has sole custody.

An Orlando child custody attorney can act as a mediator between parents when they feel it is possible to solve their differences without going to court. Any child custody lawyer in Orlando FL will advise their clients appropriately, depending on the facts of the case presented.

Sometimes a judge can assign a neutral party to assess the situation then give recommendations. Each time a report is filed, the child’s needs are the priority.

Important Factors for Shared Parenting

The court, through your Orlando child custody attorney, will communicate its decision on what is best for child’s custody based on the facts before it. The court must look at the willingness of either parent to honor the plan and support how the child relates to both parents.

A child custody attorney in Orlando FL always advocates for a stable home environment for the child. The last thing you want is your child to be stressed about what will come next.

Trusted Help for Child Custody Lawyer

We always try to ensure that your child is placed in the best situation for their physical and mental health as well as their happiness. We will assign an Orlando child custody lawyer to your case so that you have dedicated legal counsel all the time.

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