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In cases of divorce where the couple have children together while married, it is important to determine who houses the child, and the extent to which the other parent has a right to influence decisions about the upbringing of the child in question. 


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As a good parent that you’re, you want to claim custody of your child especially when you think a contrary outcome could put the mental, physical and financial condition of the child on the line. However, not all child custody cases go smoothly. To have an upper hand in your case, the right thing to do is to hire an experienced child custody lawyer who’s deeply familiar with the legal aspects of child custody cases. 

Our child custody lawyers have extensive experience in family law and we have helped several parents to win custody cases.   When you consult with us, we let you know your options and how best to approach the situation. We have a reputation for achieving nothing but 100% success in cases we’ve handled in the past. No matter how messy your case is, we take time to understand your fears leading to a fight for custody, and do our best to negotiate for the best child custody arrangement.   

We understand that you and your ex-partner have joint guardianship and equal parental rights over your child even after divorce under the common statutory provision. However, the decision of the home in which to place the child is made solely in the best interest of the child. In making such a decision, the law considers the wishes of you and your former spouse, the wishes of the child, the child’s relationship with you and your ex-partner, and other persons who may substantially impact the child’s best interest. 

This implies that winning a child custody isn’t a cinch and you will need to have an experienced child custody lawyer on your side to negotiate for the best deal on your behalf. Our child custody attorneys will intelligently prove your right to the guardianship of your child and provide copious reasons to explain what having the child in your custody will mean for the child’s happiness and development. 

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Why Pursue Child Custody? 

  • Divorce and child custodyThe parent with custody makes decisions pertaining to the child’s education, religious upbringings, and healthcare. We understand how committed you’re to the growth and development of your child. We also understand that it’s in best interest of the child you’re seeking custody. We are here to help you get custody of your child(ren). 

In case the negotiation arrangement fails, you can rely on our expertise and experience in litigation to represent and defend your interest in the court of jurisdiction for the divorce proceedings. We go head-to-head with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and their lawyers. We provide proof and facts to justify your claim to the custody.    

What Are The Types Of Child Custody? 

  • Courts have the option of choosing one of the several types of custody which include: 

Temporary custody: This is a court judgment where the custody of the child is granted to an individual during the divorce or separation proceeding. 

Exclusive custody: Exclusive custody empowers one parent with all the custody rights to the exclusion of the other parent. The non-custodial parents may however receive supervision rights or in some cases, supervised visitation rights. 

Joint custody: This grants the parents equal rights in controlling decisions pertaining to the child’s upbringing. Courts award joint custody in situations where both parents can effectively perform their parental duties. Meanwhile, a parent may sue for exclusive custody later by rebutting a presumption that joint custody is in the child’s best interests. 

Regardless of the type of custody you would like to have, our child custody attorneys will work closely with you throughout the process to make sure that we achieve results in accord with your best interests and the interests of your child. We make sure that your concerns are adequately addressed in the agreement. We can also help you file a petition later if you feel the need to adjust the parenting plan. 

  • We’ve handled several cases similar to yours with resounding victories. You only need to put your faith in us as we go through the battle of making the opposing party succumb to your wish. We’ve been around for so long to be oblivious of the potential pitfalls of custody cases. We’ll block any loophole in your claim and provide the strongest defense for you. 

While the child custody battle is ongoing, we encourage you to be patient and upbeat about the outcome of the case. Also, continue to show love and support for your kids. More importantly, we encourage you to maintain mental and physical healthiness. 

For more information on how we can help you with custody of your child, reach out to one of our child custody attorneys today before your ex-partner does. 

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