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Our St. Petersburg DUI attorneys can provide you legal assistance for drunk driving offenses. DUI or driving under the influence can convict anyone criminally.

St. Petersburg DWI attorneys know that not all DUI cases are the same. We know what factors to consider when reviewing your case. That said, our DWI attorneys in St. Petersburg FL can confidently represent you before the court and execute the best strategies to minimize your responsibility.

Did you or someone you know got charged with DUI? Here’s what our St. Petersburg DUI Lawyers can do for you.

Our DUI attorneys in St. Petersburg FL have handled numerous DUI cases and know how to navigate the situation. We will fight your drunk driving case by raising concerns regarding the field sobriety testing process.

The field sobriety test, including the breathalyzer test, is essential in determining whether the driver of the vehicle involved in an accident is too drunk to be driving. It will also help determine the blood alcohol level in your system. The test results could be flawed if not appropriately administered.

Our St. Petersburg DUI attorneys know that these tests do not always provide the correct blood alcohol results. It is important to review all the factors surrounding the event.

Our St. Petersburg DWI Lawyers will scrutinize your case while formulating the best criminal defense. Here are some reasons why the blood alcohol test could be wrong:

  • The administration of the breathalyzer test was problematic due to the inappropriate training of the police officer. The responding police officer may not have checked the tool or calibrated it appropriately.
  • Our DUI lawyers in St. Petersburg FL could also use the notion of “rising blood alcohol concentration,” which means that your blood alcohol level was under the limit while you were driving and increased only after the accident.

Get the expertise of experienced St. Petersburg DWI attorneys to defend you. It is our job to strive to reduce your fines and punishment.

Our DWI lawyers in St. Petersburg FL will make sure that you are given fair judgment and your rights are being observed. Our legal team’s top priority is to provide insightful services to help you get through this difficult time.

The legal assistance of our St. Petersburg DUI attorneys can make a world of difference in the outcome of your case. Reach out to us today.

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