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If you are worried about your future after a drunk driving arrest, you could use the help of our Fort Worth DUI attorneys. Our team of Fort Worth DWI attorneys can provide you with the representation and assistance you need to fight back against unfair drunk driving allegations.

These Fort Worth DUI lawyers are experts in the legal requirements for prosecuting drunk driving, and they understand a diverse array of methods for fighting such allegations. With the help of our Fort Worth DWI lawyers, you can learn more about your legal rights and responsibilities, allowing you to pursue a more desirable outcome in your drunk driving case.

Ways in which our Fort Worth DUI attorneys can discredit your drunk driving charges

In general, drunk driving arrests can be challenged by a procedural audit. Did the officer read the defendant his or her Miranda rights? Were the blood or breath tests legal? Did court officials follow the rules with regards to this drunk driving case?

Our Fort Worth DWI attorneys will thoroughly examine your drunk driving arrest documents, identifying any technicalities that could weigh in your favor. DUI attorneys in Fort Worth TX are proficient in finding misconduct such as racial profiling or illegal use of drunk driving checkpoints. Our DUI lawyers in Fort Worth TX also know that blood- and breath-testing equipment can malfunction, yielding false results.

Using DWI attorneys in Fort Worth TX can help you reduce the likelihood of serious consequences such as:

  • Jail time
  • Massive fines
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Classes or substance abuse treatment
  • Revocation or suspension of license

With the help of our DWI lawyers in Fort Worth TX, you can fight against unfair drunk driving charges. Invest in your future with our Fort Worth DUI attorneys. Contact us for more insight to your specific case.

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