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Address cases of domestic violence the right way with a skilled, knowledgeable Seattle domestic violence attorney in your corner. This is a serious issue — and one that must be addressed right away and in the appropriate fashion.

Whether you are the victim of domestic violence, or you have been accused of such acts, we invite you to consult with a Seattle domestic violence lawyer immediately. We specialize in working with both sides.

  • Domestic violence victims: Your domestic violence attorney in Seattle WA can guide you and help remove you from a dangerous situation. It’s important that you take action immediately instead of lingering in this type of environment, where your life — and the lives of your family — could potentially be put in danger.
  • Those accused of domestic violence: These are heavy accusations — and the accusations alone come with serious consequences. As your Seattle domestic violence attorney, we can help you meet these unfounded accusations head on. We will work hard to keep you out of jail and to prove your innocence, even when the law does not provide you with the benefit of the doubt.

Each Seattle domestic violence lawyer from our team is experienced in working in this very specific area of family law. We know the stakes are high and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We provide you with close, personal attention that will offer you the resources you need to keep yourself and your family safe.

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Get in contact directly with a Seattle domestic violence attorney for a free consultation. If you are dealing with domestic violence issues in your life, fill out our online form with information about yourself and your current situation. We will review the information and pass it along to an attorney who can help.

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