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As your Fort Worth domestic violence attorney, we can help you meet accusations head-on and ensure that you are not unfairly punished for a crime you did not commit.

Also as a Fort Worth domestic violence lawyer, we work with men and women that have been victims of domestic violence — helping them to remove themselves from danger and permanently isolating them from the physical threat.

How domestic violence accusations can affect you

As a longtime domestic violence attorney in Fort Worth TX, we have seen many lives forever changed after accusations of domestic violence. Law enforcements takes claims of domestic violence very seriously — the accused is often swiftly arrested and sometimes held in custody until their trial.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, some of the following are at risk:

  • Freedom: A Fort Worth domestic violence attorney will work on your behalf to help prove your innocence so you are not sentenced to jail time.
  • Access to your children: If you have been accused of domestic violence, this might affect a court’s willingness to give you custody or visitation rights to any children involved.
  • Reputation: Even if you are completely innocent, the very suggestion that you might be guilty of domestic violence can forever change your reputation in a negative sense. Our Fort Worth domestic violence lawyer wants to help you avoid this life-long poor reputation.

Whether you have been accused of domestic violence, or have been the victim of it, we want you to talk to a domestic violence lawyer in Fort Worth TX.

This is a serious matter, and if your life is in danger, you need to remove yourself immediately. A Fort Worth domestic violence attorney from our network is standing by to consult with you. Submit our online form to get started.

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