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Divorce mediation requires the assistance of a professional such as our West Valley City divorce mediation attorney. In this process, you and your soon to be ex-spouse can resolve issues in a faster and less costly method than going to court.

Alternative dispute resolution is probably the ideal option if you want to end a marriage civilly. Our West Valley City divorce mediation lawyer will serve as the neutral third party who will help you go through issues and provide unbiased insights.

What is our role in the mediation process?

The job of our divorce mediation attorney West Valley City UT is to help both parties reach a mutual agreement. Our legal team is here to help the parties involved understand the different outcomes of each alternative option. 

From the beginning of the process, our West Valley City divorce mediation attorney will offer advice to both spouses on relevant laws that could affect the case. We will help the parties understand all information relating to mediation, available options, and the potential challenges or consequences.

Our West Valley City divorce mediation lawyer also encourages both spouses to take responsibility for settling disputes. This means that each spouse should be willing to work on their differences and come up with the best arrangement when it comes to child custody and property distribution.

  • We will help negotiate
  • We will act as a neutral party
  • We will guide you
  • We will help gather information
  • We will examine options and their consequences 
  • We will keep you updated

The success of the mediation process depends on the parties making informed decisions in resolving their issues. The role of our divorce mediation lawyer West Valley City UT is to control the situation so the parties stay on track and ensure that they can freely express their feelings and opinions.

Our West Valley City divorce mediation attorney can provide detailed information regarding mediation. We can discuss alternative options during the consultation. Talk with us today!

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