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Finalizing a divorce without a lengthy court battle is possible with the help of our Philadelphia divorce mediation attorney. Simply coming together to negotiate the terms of the divorce is what mediation is all about.

Ensuring both parties involved have equal say without hefty court cost is often a win-win. Our Philadelphia divorce mediation lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected and will fight for you regardless of the ultimate outcome.


A quicker and less costly alternative
Going through a traditional contested divorce can often take several months or even years and cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, with the help of a divorce mediation attorney in Philadelphia PA, you can save time and money, by coming to a mutual agreement. Studies have shown that mediations can:

  • Save money due to the abbreviated nature of the proceedings
  • Allow for a more communal relationship afterwards, especially with children involved
  • Sometimes produce better outcomes for both parties since both sides come to the table looking for an agreement

Our divorce mediation lawyer in Philadelphia PA is skilled in bringing couples together for agreeable resolutions.


What if mediation fails?
As always, the goal of our Philadelphia divorce mediation attorney is to bring both sides to an agreeable and working solution. However, if that becomes impossible, either due to hurt feelings or lack of compromise, our Philadelphia divorce mediation lawyer is able to help you through all of the court proceedings.

You want someone you can trust to look out for you when no one else seems to be. That’s why you need our Philadelphia divorce mediation attorney. We will ensure your rights are protected and you receive everything you are entitled to in your divorce. To get us on your case, simply fill out our information form online and we will match you with an attorney that is ready to take on your case. Get your free consultation today.

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