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Divorce is never easy, especially without the assistance of Chicago divorce lawyers. If you find yourself facing a contentious divorce, going to court may be inevitable. You don’t need to face the legal battles alone. Having Chicago divorce attorneys on your side can ensure your rights are protected and that your separation can be as clean as possible.

Issues that complicate divorces

There are many issues that may make your divorce more complicated than normal. If you have any of these circumstances going on, seek out the help of divorce lawyers in Chicago IL:

  • Children are involved: Children make divorces complicated and hard. Depending on where your children are living, you may want divorce attorneys in Chicago IL that have experience and a specialization in child custody and child support.
  • Which spouse is the sole provider: If you or your spouse is the only one providing income, the divorce can become very complicated. In this instance, your Chicago divorce lawyers would need to be experienced in alimony cases.
  • Determining property acquired before and during the marriage: If the divorce is not mutual, or if both parties hold claim to the same property, the court would then use the laws of the state to decide who keeps the property.
  • Debt: Debt can make the property division phase of a divorce complicated. Determining which spouse is responsible is often a long and hard process. Chicago divorce attorneys can help assign debt appropriately in these cases.

Each divorce case is different. That’s why you will want to check the level of expertise for each of your potential Chicago divorce lawyers to make sure they can represent you effectively. To find an experienced attorney, fill out our online form. Our attorneys will give you a free consultation.

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