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Working with a San Jose child support attorney to establish an agreement, and appropriately modify that agreement, is very important. This is money that is used to provide a high quality of life for your children, which is why it is considered such a serious offense when non-custodial parents fail to pay.

With a San Jose child support lawyer from our team on your side, you will get assistance from a qualified legal professional to:

  • Establish a fair agreement: Many things need to be considered when creating a child support agreement. This includes everything from salaries and earning potential of both parents to the custody arrangement, special needs of the child and more.
  • Modify the agreement: A child support attorney in San Jose CA can also make changes to the agreement as life situations change. Perhaps the payer cannot afford the payments — or maybe they can afford to pay more. It’s important to adjust agreements to be fair to everyone involved.
  • Hold negligent parents responsible: Of course, as a San Jose child support attorney, we are no strangers to situations in which non-custodial parents refuse to pay. Our San Jose child support lawyer staff will help you take action.

The livelihoods of your children hinge on child support — which makes the stakes very high in these situations. Make sure that your children’s well-being is not used as a bartering tool, rather, that a fair agreement is put in place.


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