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Child support is when a non-custodial parent has to offer financial support to the custodial parent. The payment is required to support the upbringing and care of your child. It is a legal requirement in Colorado, and your Denver child support attorney will help you understand the law. When you hire a Denver child support lawyer, you will be in a better position to pay or receive the right amount of child support.  The goal of child support is to ensure that both parents take care of their children.

Calculation of Child Support

A child support lawyer in Denver CO will explain what it takes to end up with an exact figure of child support payments. However, when the resultant figure is not what the other party expected, then settling the matter in court is usually the next step.

A Denver child support attorney will give the following as the factors used in determining the child support calculation.

  • The incomes of the two parties
  • Number of underaged children
  • Health insurance costs spent on the children
  • Time shared between parents

A Denver child support lawyer will plug these figures into software recommended by the state. This software comes up with recommendations for the lawyer to base their argument on in court however, sometimes there can be a few complexities to keep in mind that make this figure more difficult to determine. An example of this is when one of the parents is self-employed. It can be harder to establish the true income of that parent.

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