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If you and your spouse are divorced, and he or she refuses, or is unable to pay the necessary child support, it’s time to get a Chicago child support attorney on your side to advocate for you.

No one loves the idea of a legal battle, but the alternative, however, is your child going without the financial support that they need. Let that be the reason that pushes you to hire a Chicago child support lawyer.

How much can you expect?

Child support payments are ultimately calculated by a judge. However, each state has a formula written into their laws to help determine how much the non-custodial parent is obligated to pay. Your child support attorney in Chicago IL can help you to determine how much you would likely receive and whether or not you should take your ex-spouse to court.

What if they fail to pay?

Unfortunately, on some occasions the non-custodial parent refuses to pay the required child support. When this happens, a child support lawyer in Chicago IL can help you determine what your next course of action should be. Options may include:

  • Wage garnishment: This is usually something a judge would have to rule on. If it has been several months since you have received payment, your Chicago child support attorney may suggest seeking this option.
  • Local child support agency: If your Chicago child support lawyer finds it beneficial to avoid another court battle, he or she may recommend the use of a local agent who would be tasked with collecting the back child support. There is usually a small fee included but it could save another long court process

It may seem like you are in a hopeless case while you are in the middle of a support battle. It’s not a fight you have to make on your own. A Chicago child support attorney will fight for what your child is entitled to and get them the support they need. Consult with an attorney by submitting an information request form online right now.

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