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Team up with an Austin child support attorney that will ensure you receive sufficient financial support for your children. The legal professionals on our team have worked with a long list of men and women, helping to make sure that they have the resources to provide the necessary care for their children.

If you have custody of a child or children on your own, it’s natural to feel a little nervous about providing for your kids. Children have a variety of important needs, and both parents are obligated to provide them with such.

As an Austin child support lawyer, we will make sure the best interests of the children are represented in all child support conflicts. From establishing an agreement to making modifications to said agreement, your child support attorney in Austin TX will make sure you have access to what you are owed.

Factors considered in Texas child support cases

An effective child support lawyer in Austin TX will have an extensive knowledge of all the small factors that play a role in determining child support amounts. When you work with an Austin child support attorney from our network, you will have a dedicated professional in your corner to comb through the details of your case, which can include such things as:

  • Number of children
  • Salary and/or earning potential of both parents
  • Custody arrangement
  • Health, educational and other expenses of the children
  • Any other special needs

This helps guide your Austin child support lawyer in establishing an agreement that is fair for both the parents and for the children involved.

And, as life changes, your attorney can work with you to help modify an agreement to make sure that it remains relevant as the children get older.

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