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If you are going through a divorce, child custody will be one aspect of the proceeding that you will need help with, which is what our Pittsburgh child custody lawyer specialize in. A divorce proceeding isn’t just hard on you and your spouse, but your children can feel the brunt of it too. That is why, if you are considering filing for a divorce, you should take child custody into account. Regardless of whether you will come with an informal arrangement, or you want to take it to court, having our Pittsburgh child custody attorney at your side will help you get through this part of your divorce.

Child Custody Issues

No matter what kind of child custody you want, there is always the possibility that your spouse may not agree on certain points. Aside from dealing with physical as well as legal custody issues, other problems may arise such as: relocation of the one parent which can have an impact on the other parent’s custodial time, determining which court should handle the custody hearing, and modifying or enforcing the existing custody order just to name a few. Whatever issues that may arise, you can rely on our Pittsburgh child custody lawyer to provide you with the legal assistance you need. Our Pittsburgh child custody attorney can help determine what approach is best for your situation that will benefit your children.

Expert Child Custody Lawyer in Pittsburgh PA

If you need a child custody attorney in Pittsburgh PA who will have your best interests at heart, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Pittsburgh child custody lawyer knows how the legal system works, and will review your case first, before making any plans on how to defend your parental rights. We will work with you throughout the case until we are successful in coming up with a child custody agreement that is appropriate for your situation.

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