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Are you searching for an Ogden child custody lawyer? Child custody is one of the most contentious practice areas in family law. The legal process of determining child custody can be challenging and complex, often causing the parents to be frustrated, frightened, and stressed. Hiring a child custody attorney in Ogden UT will not only reduce the stress of court proceedings but can also increase the possibility of getting a favorable outcome on the case.

Types of child custody

As an Ogden child custody lawyer will tell you, there are different types of child custody (also known as parental responsibility).

Sole custody – This type of child custody is awarded to a parent or guardian if the other parent is found unfit to raise the child. The parent who is awarded sole custody makes all the decisions involving the child. However, there are instances wherein the court awards this type of parental responsibility in such a way that the other parent has the opportunity to be involved in the child’s life, once he/she is found fit to raise the child.

Joint custody – This is when child custody is awarded to both parents. Shared parental responsibility is usually awarded by the court if both parents can demonstrate that they are fit to raise their child, and it’s in the child’s best interest. Joint custody can be awarded to the parents even if they are not married. In some cases, the court designates one parent to be the ultimate decision maker when healthcare and education are concerned, with all other areas being shared.

To learn more about child custody, talk to an Ogden child custody attorney.

How to find an Ogden child custody attorney

Laws vary from state to state, so it’s important to consult with an experienced Ogden child custody lawyer when dealing with child custody issues. It’s best to work with your attorney and your spouse to arrive at a consensus regarding major decisions that will affect your child. To find a child custody lawyer in Ogden UT, contact us today.

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