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There are various circumstances that can lead to a couple fighting for child custody, hence seek the assistance of a Ft. Myers child custody lawyer. The use of Ft. Myers child custody attorney is critical for the legal process to go smoothly.

Our child custody lawyer in Ft. Myers FL will put your goals and your child’s needs as top priority. We will help you negotiate a fair custody agreement. Plus, having us in your corner could help you be aware of the important issues surrounding your child’s welfare.

Important issues to tackle

There is more to settle than just where the children will live and when they can see the other parent, Ft. Myers child custody lawyer will be able to help address other vital issues regarding the agreement.

  • Modifications

If you feel like there are terms on the agreement that need to be changed, inform your Ft. Myers child custody attorney right away. We can help file a petition for those changes.

  • Visitation rights

Another critical issue in the custody agreement would be the visitation rights of each parent, grandparents, and other relatives. 

  • Change of address

If one parent gets relocated because of his or her job or is simply planning on moving to another city or state, the intention to relocate should be communicated with your child custody attorney in Ft. Myers FL and the other parties involved.

  • Educational expenses

Where the kids will go to school is another topic that ex-spouses should agree on. This topic is a sensitive one, since the school where the children will go could have a significant impact on the child’s opinions and behavior.

Contact our Ft. Myers child custody lawyer today and let us discuss the legal aspects of caring for your children. We want to make sure that your rights and your kids’ rights are being observed.

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